Wrist tattoo

Wrist tattoo are the best minimalist tattoo place. You can make a tattoo of a wristband on your wrist. You can find the best wrist tattoo on this website. Here are the top tattoo.

  • Best Turtle Tattoos And Their Meanings
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    Best Sea Turtle Tattoos And Their Meanings

    The sea turtle tattoo, all in the measure The sea turtle is one of the species whose physiology and biology amaze the most. Moving at extremely low speed, it is paradoxically endowed with one of the longest life expectancies. The turtle has been better grounded in popular knowledge including through the famous fable of the fountain, The Hare and the Turtle. Through this fable, it is at the same time the wisdom, “Nothing serves to run, it is necessary to start at the right”, and the slowness that are contiguous to the animal. But this slow nature is reductive, because the sea turtle has an important function in a multitude…

  • New trendiest couple tattoos 2019
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    New Trendiest Couple Tattoo 2019

    Many tattoo ideas for your couple Here are the new trendiest coupe tattoos from 2019. Love is a special feeling that we all dream of experiencing. When he falls on us, it’s a bit like grabbing each part of our body. If you have been in a relationship for some time and you dream of tattooing together, we suggest you discover on this page many tattoo ideas to share. Cool ideas and swag for a man and a woman who love each other. Whether forearm, shoulder, chest, neck, ankle, you will surely find below an idea that will match your desires. Romantic tattoo, original, hidden, or that will show, in…

  • Phoenix Tattoo
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    Phoenix Tattoos and Symbolic Meanings

    SMALL HISTORY OF THE PHOENIX TATTOO The phoenix tattoo, both orthographies are admitted, is a legendary bird that we find in different ancient mythologies. This mythical bird popular among the tattooed has the ability to be reborn from the ashes. In this article, we will discover different meanings and symbolic about this mythological animal, as well as the locations of the body to be tattooed a phoenix. What does the Phoenix Tattoo mean? A BEING OF FIRE The phoenix has a super-power quite sensational: it can be reborn from the ashes. It is also said that flames spring from its beak. Like the dragon, he is linked to the element…

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    60 Japanese Kanji Tattoo and Symbols

    The Kanji tattoo, which are the basis of Japanese calligraphy, are essentially Chinese words. The ancient Japanese borrowed and adapted it in their language. So the words and meaning are the same, only the pronunciation is different. Kanji tattoo and writing in different calligraphy styles are popular in Europe and it’s easy to see why. Kanji are discreet, and percussive, both compact and elegant. Characters written in reverse, missing features, bits of sentences that mean nothing, turn beauty into ridicule. Here are some tips for choosing a tattoo in kanji. SIGNIFICANCE OF KANJI  TATTOO Make sure the word, idea or phrase you want to use for the kanji tattoo is…

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    50 Feather Tattoo Designs and Meanings

    The great author Miguel de Cervantes said: The pen is the language of the soul. And today, this symbol is used to express one’s individuality and character through body art  the ink drawings on the skin. Indeed, the feather tattoo designs is one of the most popular. His greatest asset – he adapts perfectly to the feminine vision as well as the masculine one. As a symbol with multiple meanings, this type of feather tattoo designs comes in a wide variety of shapes and colors. It is often combined with other patterns like flying birds, inspirational quotes or words, animal or flower motifs. Side location  anywhere on the body. The…

  • How to Protect the Color and Splash of the Tattoo
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    How to Protect the Color and Splash of the Tattoo Aftercare ?

    We have same problem , at the begining it’s all beautiful nine and after it degrades. And there I speak tattoo aftercare well on. When you leave the tattooist’s house, the drawing is all black, all shiny and bright. Then come crusts, itching and scarring that make this beautiful tattoo aftercare is permanently stained in a kind of blue-black. But after a few years, the colors fade and the drawing fades, deforms or worse becomes blurred! The skin is aging, that’s how it is. Our skin undergoes the passage of time and if the tattoo aftercare is permanent, it continues to live and evolve with our body (which sometimes is expensive…

  • Best Vikings Tattoo and Their meanings
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    Best Vikings Tattoo and Their meanings

    What is viking tattoo? It is a modern visual interpretation inspired by the magic symbols of the mythology of the Germanic and Nordic peoples. When you say “viking”, do not imagine a big beefy mustache with a helmet on his head. The Vikings did not even wear helmets! If you want a real viking tattoo, you’ve come across the right place. Zoom on the history of the mysterious Vikings and the meaning of some symbols from Northern cultures. Viking tattoo: a work of art inspired by Northern fairy tales Who were the Vikings? It will not be wrong to say that the Vikings are very mysterious historical characters. Finally, there…

  • 40 Trendiest Japanese Tattoo And Their Meanings
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    40 Trendiest Japanese Tattoo And Their Meanings

    The trendiest japanese tattoo are all here and are all explained with their meaning. In Japanese culture, tattooing goes back several centuries. The Ainu, an indigenous people of Japan, were known to have tattoo-related traditions. Indeed, Ainu women were inked on their bodies throughout their lives and that from the age of 6 years. These people who lived between Hokkaido Island and the Russian island of Sakhalin held extremely interesting traditions. Women in this population, for example, had mustache tattoos on their lips to mark their maturity. Some women were tattooed on their forearms. And according to local traditions and cultures, these tattoos on the arms should be hidden from…