Neck tattoo

Neck tattoo are the trendiest tattoo for women who want to make minimalist tattoo. But not only minimalist you can do whatever you want. If you need more idea you can choose on this site.

  • Best Turtle Tattoos And Their Meanings
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    Best Sea Turtle Tattoos And Their Meanings

    The sea turtle tattoo, all in the measure The sea turtle is one of the species whose physiology and biology amaze the most. Moving at extremely low speed, it is paradoxically endowed with one of the longest life expectancies. The turtle has been better grounded in popular knowledge including through the famous fable of the fountain, The Hare and the Turtle. Through this fable, it is at the same time the wisdom, “Nothing serves to run, it is necessary to start at the right”, and the slowness that are contiguous to the animal. But this slow nature is reductive, because the sea turtle has an important function in a multitude…

  • flower tattoos
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    Romantic Flower Tattoos and Symbols Meaning

    The flower tattoos are considered a classic, especially on women. This success comes from the fact that flowers often convey positive symbols! In general, flowers are a symbol of youth, vitality and victory over death. But what are the symbols of roses, lotus flowers or iris? And what are the most popular flowers in the world of tattooing? The flowers tattoos and their symbols! Flower tattoos, besides their aesthetic function, often harbor a meaning or symbolism specific to the small world of tattooing and these are often the main reason for their election. The flower tattoos and plants mainly symbolize strength in the face of death or survival in the…

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    50 Feather Tattoo Designs and Meanings

    The great author Miguel de Cervantes said: The pen is the language of the soul. And today, this symbol is used to express one’s individuality and character through body art  the ink drawings on the skin. Indeed, the feather tattoo designs is one of the most popular. His greatest asset – he adapts perfectly to the feminine vision as well as the masculine one. As a symbol with multiple meanings, this type of feather tattoo designs comes in a wide variety of shapes and colors. It is often combined with other patterns like flying birds, inspirational quotes or words, animal or flower motifs. Side location  anywhere on the body. The…

  • How to Protect the Color and Splash of the Tattoo
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    How to Protect the Color and Splash of the Tattoo Aftercare ?

    We have same problem , at the begining it’s all beautiful nine and after it degrades. And there I speak tattoo aftercare well on. When you leave the tattooist’s house, the drawing is all black, all shiny and bright. Then come crusts, itching and scarring that make this beautiful tattoo aftercare is permanently stained in a kind of blue-black. But after a few years, the colors fade and the drawing fades, deforms or worse becomes blurred! The skin is aging, that’s how it is. Our skin undergoes the passage of time and if the tattoo aftercare is permanent, it continues to live and evolve with our body (which sometimes is expensive…

  • Best Vikings Tattoo and Their meanings
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    Best Vikings Tattoo and Their meanings

    What is viking tattoo? It is a modern visual interpretation inspired by the magic symbols of the mythology of the Germanic and Nordic peoples. When you say “viking”, do not imagine a big beefy mustache with a helmet on his head. The Vikings did not even wear helmets! If you want a real viking tattoo, you’ve come across the right place. Zoom on the history of the mysterious Vikings and the meaning of some symbols from Northern cultures. Viking tattoo: a work of art inspired by Northern fairy tales Who were the Vikings? It will not be wrong to say that the Vikings are very mysterious historical characters. Finally, there…

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    Graphic Tattoo Designs: a Great Artistic Freedom

    Graphic Tattoo Designs For thousands of years people from all continents practiced body drawing to differentiate the social ranks that made them up. According to archaeological research, in Japan, criminals were tattooed so that they could be recognized. In Latin America, this practice was used to show that an individual woman or man had gone through a rite of courage. Since this period, the reasons have changed since now this practice is essentially aesthetic, even if sometimes the feeling of belonging continue to be associated. Today, each style of tattoo uses various processes and origins. There are also more modern and more complex ones. If that’s what you’re looking for,…