Full body tattoo

Full body tattoo are a kind of art that can mostly cost a little much but can express a history or a memory, you can find this kind of tattoo on japanese tattoo styles.

  • Roman Numeral Tattoo
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    25 Roman Numeral Tattoo and Meanings

    The Roman numeral tattoo can sometimes express a particular moment of life that deserves to be frozen forever on the skin through a particular date. Whether it’s a child’s date of birth or a date of meeting, it has changed the life of the person who will wear it forever so as not to forget that fateful moment. SMALL HISTORY OF ROMAN FIGURES  The Roman Empire, despite its demise, has left a huge legacy: its additive numbering system, in other words: its numbers. They are always used to indicate the centuries, the chapters of a book or even to read the time on the dial of the clock in front of…

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    50 Best 3D Tattoos Of 2019

    3D TATTOOS: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW Best 3D Tatoos are always the best type of tattoo to make. Man is a being always in search of progress, it is in this perspective that science and technology have gone through the ages while evolving. The universe of the body art did not stay away from this evolution. The tattoo has not ceased to experience positive growth following the evolution of technology. If formerly we only realized simple images, now we talk about 3D Tattoos. The third dimension is a generic term for a display technology that makes it possible to view images in height, in width and especially in depth.…

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    Mandala Tattoo Mysticall Design Ideas and Their Meanings

    Tattoo Art It is considered one of the best ways to decorate your body because of this today we have for you these mandala tattoo design because there is something very attractive in these incredible designs that they become a part of you, once you have them in your body. The beauty of a tattoo depends, to a large extent, on the design you have chosen. On our page, you have many tattoo options that include flowers, animals, insects and celestial bodies, tribal designs, phrases, quotes and some futuristic and realistic designs. For this reason, do not forget to check our mandala tattoo design section. Mandala tattoos are in the…

  • 26 Angelina Jolie's Tattoos And Their Meanings
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    26 Angelina Jolie’s Tattoos And Their Meanings

    Angelina Jolie is by far one of the most popular tattooed female celebrities, whose tattoos have been the subject of many researches, copies and comments on their meaning by her fans. The daughter of Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand regularly makes new tattoos, which is the happiness of the press people. It counts to date a dozen tattoos on the body. THE NEWEST ANGELINA JOLIE’S TATTOO This sensual, talented and Oscar-winning actress, famed for her movie roles in such films as “60 Minutes Chrono”, “Tomb Raider” in which she played Lara Croft, “a stolen life”, “an undefeated heart” or ” The Exchange “, but also for his marriage to actor…

  • David Beckham Body Tattoo and meanings
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    David Beckham Body Tattoo and Meanings

    The football player David Beckham is one of the stars whose different tattoos are the most watched, studied, mocked, criticized, being the source of a very invasive media coverage. His tattoos seem to allow him to express his thoughts, evacuate negativity and fight adversity, to show his feelings, with regard to his wife Victoria and his children for example. It relates in particular to the body: NEW TATTOO OF DAVID BECKHAM 1- A tattoo design based on a pile of clouds surrounding three cherub angels on the shoulder and arm. These three angels represent his three sons 2- A very symbolic tattoo for Beckham that reflects the personality he has…

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    Amazing Cover up Tattoo Ideas

    What was the ugliest tattoo you had to cover? I do not allow myself to make a judgment on the cover up tattoo ideas of people, I am not in their place. Often, I see that the economic aspect was decisive in a bad decision-making or an error of judgment (a tattoo too small for example). What type of tattoo is relatively easy to cover? Cover up tattoo ideas that can be considered bad bills are easier to cover because usually they are not very dark and with relatively few colors. Then it takes two to three sessions to completely disappear an old tattoo, especially if there is color in…

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    Long Term Dotwork Tattoo and History

    From a versatile nature, the art of tattooing has been evolving for about two decades. And by dint of evolutions, it is a little competition of techniques and styles that is launched. A style that has long been in vogue for a few months can suddenly disappear, leaving room for others. At the same time, he may come back sometime later, when tattoos fans will be nostalgic and want to go back to basics. That’s about what happens to the dotwork. Best Dotwork Tattoo for Long Term 2019 The origins of this style-technique probably go back to the hours tattoo was still only the prerogative of some archipelagos. And he…

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    Can you Tattoo during Pregnancy ?

    Technically, it is not possible. But you can be tattoo during pregnancy, even if it is not advisable. And rest assured, the ink introduced by your tattoo artist’s dermograph will not come to color your baby, and we can say with certainty that if the Smurfs are blue, it is not related to a tattoo that would have made mum Smurfette during her pregnancy. But, it is best to wait until the end of your tattoo during pregnancy. Why ? Because “the fetus feels the pain of moms”, and it is also for this very reason that a pregnant woman is advised to avoid consultations with the dentist during their…

  • The Beautiful Watercolor tattoo style
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    The Beautiful Watercolor tattoo style

    In tattooing, the evolutions recorded for millennia are multiple. Especially since recent years, there are more and more new styles that are emerging. In the 80s, for example, Stéphane Chaudesaigues was one of the precursors of realistic tattooing and still today, he is one of the greatest specialists. A little more recently, Franck Carrilho landed with his pencil tattoo and the success we know him. In this category of new tattoo trends, watercolor tattoo is becoming more and more common. Where is he from ? What are his techniques? Allotattoo brings you to the discovery of this style that confirms that tattooing is a living art. Best Watercolor Tattoo Designs…

  • The worst tattoos of 2019
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    The worst tattoos of 2019

    Before being tattooed, these people would probably have to think twice. They did not hesitate to have their face tattooed or shout their love to their favorite artists or teen movie. 2019 Ugliest Tattoo Ever The realization of a tattoo often follows many hours of reflection. Only for these people, a few extra minutes probably would not have been too much to properly measure the consequences of these indelible drawings. Many of these people did not hesitate to use their face as a support for these crazy tattoos. While some people prefer it to be minimalist and discreet, these tattoo enthusiasts have made a different choice. For them, the more…