Eye tattoo

For the more brave and the more hardcore you can choose the eye tattoo, it is very painful but it make a very hard look. You can find more information about it and choose some models on our website.

  • 10 Lady Gaga Tattoos and Their Meanings
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    10 Lady Gaga Tattoos and Their Meanings

    Most of Lady Gaga tattoos are on the left side of her body, because her father wanted her to keep a “normal” part. She explains: “He asked me to stay, on one side, pretty much normal. So I only have Lady Gaga’s tattoos on the left. I think he sees my right side as my side Marilyn Monroe, and he sees my left as my side Iggy Pop. I made them all naturally to the left, then one day I talked about making me make one on the right, and my father somehow asked me: ‘Could you leave your madness on the left?’ ” At the moment,  counts a total…

  • Phoenix Tattoo
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    Phoenix Tattoos and Symbolic Meanings

    SMALL HISTORY OF THE PHOENIX TATTOO The phoenix tattoo, both orthographies are admitted, is a legendary bird that we find in different ancient mythologies. This mythical bird popular among the tattooed has the ability to be reborn from the ashes. In this article, we will discover different meanings and symbolic about this mythological animal, as well as the locations of the body to be tattooed a phoenix. What does the Phoenix Tattoo mean? A BEING OF FIRE The phoenix has a super-power quite sensational: it can be reborn from the ashes. It is also said that flames spring from its beak. Like the dragon, he is linked to the element…

  • Choose your tattoo style
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    Choose your Tattoo Style

    What tattoo style to choose as a tattoo artist? When you’re a beginner tattooist you do not often have a clear idea of choose your tattoo style you want to do. We tend to think that we will do everything and that we will accumulate a great experience. And maybe then, a particular style will affect us more than another. Is this the right step? I remember, that 2 years ago, I had participated in a tattoo convention in Amsterdam and I had myself tattooed (as a model) next to a box of Polynesian tattooers. It would never have occurred to these fabulous Tahitian tattooists to tattoo Old School or other…

  • Old School Tattoo a Retro Style and Image
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    Old School Tattoo: a Retro Style and Image

    What is old school tattoo and how are the styles? If you wonder about the answers to these questions, let’s examine the bride. Since the first peoples decided to differentiate their social ranks through body designs, techniques and patterns have evolved. Now, each tattoo style has methods and colors that are unique to its origins. This is particularly the case for the Old School tattoo which has developed well in just half a century. Today, it is well anchored in popular culture, yet this has not always been the case. It has often been the symbol of rebellion and social ranks removed from society. We look at this phenomenon by…